Don’t Punch Right

(This is taken from a Twitter rant I went on earlier. I may expand on it at some point.)

Ok, something has been bugging me for a while. People on the Alt-Right need to understand the meaning of “Never Punch Right”, also known as “No enemies on the right, no friends on the left.”

The idea behind that is that anyone doing something to the right of you is “good” and anyone doing something to the left of you is “Bad”. It does NOT mean “Don’t punch anyone ON the right”, because that would not allow us to criticise people like Paul Ryan or Ted Cruz. Those people are on “The Right” as it currently stands in the American political spectrum, but they are to the left of you and I. “Criticise anyone not exactly as right as me” is cuckservative logic and doesn’t work. “Don’t criticise anyone on the right” encourages a leftward shift as more and more “somewhat rightwing” people are accepted into what I will call the “mainstream Alt-Right” while noting the irony of that phrase. The only effective strategy, the one leftists have perfected is to not criticise anyone to the right of you. This pushes the Overton Window to the right. 

So if you see someone criticise Milo because He’s gay or something, don’t defend Milo unless Milo is to the right of you and the criticism is coming from the left. Because criticism directed at Milo for being insufficiently rightwing pushes the Overton Window in the same way Milo’s existence does. Yes, Milo is probably pushing the mainstream further right on some issues, but defending him does nothing to further the cause besides allowing the cause to move leftward.
That does not necessarily mean you have to actively engage in criticism of Milo. I don’t always. But it does mean that you should let those to the right of you do it. Because that’s what works.

Now, there are two points of contention in this strategy that need working out. First, how does being an IRL activist affect how far “right” you are. Should someone slightly to the left of you be immune from your criticism because they stage protests (or whatever) and you’re an ideologue only? I have no idea. Something to think about. The other hiccup is how far that criticism should go? I personally think that the action against the person should be directly proportional to how far to the right of the person you are. Basically any (legal) action against Paul Ryan is fine, because he’s way off to the Left of us. Someone else in the movement? Trolling/criticism should maybe be the extent of it. But again, it depends how far to the left of you they are.

I’m basically done now.

Tl;dr, Punch ON the right, don’t punch TO YOUR right.

11 thoughts on “Don’t Punch Right

  2. Just another Jewish Stereotype trying to make us look stupid & divide us. None of us actually believe any of this BS other than the really stereotypical dumb**** skinheads, which is barely anyone these days.


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