Julian von Abele has done and said absolutely nothing wrong.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is. It’s worth a watch. At no point does Julian say anything hurtful, hateful, racist, or even anything that wasn’t common sense 15 years ago.

Yet the media has smeared him with every name imaginable. This is part of the media’s pattern, where they attempt to drum up controversy, get some hysterical people to act upset, then report on the “outrage.”

This guy is in undergrad. He said some things while being harassed while a bit tipsy. Even if what he said WAS offensive, THIS IS NOT NEWS. But what he said wasn’t offensive. It was simply true.

It was also proof of apostasy from the multicultural religion that the media and academia have become. All Julian said was “I don’t believe your lies” and that was enough to have him tarred and feathered by these zealots.

Thankfully, Julian is not taking this lying down. He has a Twitter account where he’s getting out his side of the story. He offered to give CNN a statement, but only if they agreed to publish it before reading it, and they naturally refused.

I am mostly writing this article because the title came to me in a flash and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. But I would also like to take this opportunity to give some advice to Julian (if you’re reading this) and anyone else who finds themselves in a similar situation.

1. Try to remain mainstream. Your ideas, as they are now, are NOT controversial to the majority of people in America. Don’t get sidelined onto fringe movements, don’t talk publicly with fringe people (including me), don’t go on fringe podcasts. Your absolute best move would be to somehow get on Tucker Carlson’s show and have him fighting in your corner.

2. Find support. There are networks of people out there who genuinely can help you. The problem is deciding which ones are useful and which ones are honeypots or crab buckets. I can’t help you much there.

3. Do your research. Don’t agree to associate with anyone, go on any show, or debate anyone, before you look up who they are. You should have people like Jordan Peterson, Alex Jones, Richard Spencer, and Steven Crowder defending YOU, you should not be spending your time defending you decision to go on any of those shows.

4. Don’t disavow. Based on the position you are currently in, there’s no point. You’re not associated with anyone, your ideas are your own. Anyone who wants you to disavow people simply because you share 1% of their views would ask Jesus to disavow Hitler because they both drank water. It’s insane.

5. Focus on the bystanders. This may be the most important one. Don’t worry about whether journalists or Gender Studies profs think you’re evil. Think about whether Joe down the street would think you’re evil. If Joe thinks you seem evil, and the media says you’re evil, Joe believes the media. If Joe thinks you seem OK, and the media says you’re evil, Joe starts to think the media may be evil.

That’s about all the advice I have for you. I wish you absolutely the BEST of luck.

P.S. Rather than purchasing another copy of my book, why not pick up a copy of the theoretical physics book Julian wrote in highschool(!).

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