Outside the Echo Chamber

So, this will be the place where I link you to all the wild and crazy stuff I’m doing outside of Northern Reaction.
If I forgot to link to your thing I was on, let me know and I’ll include it.
If you want me on your thing, I only require a couple hours of notice and at least thirty seconds of dedicated shilling of my book.

First up, probably the most obvious one, I wrote a book, Northern Reaction: Notes From A Frozen Place. Ebook is free, print book is $5.22 American. Here’s a review of it by Richard Carroll, who was far too nice.

Articles Elsewhere

My article on Canadian Identity called Parodus Canadianus was published on Exodus Americanus. It’s called Parodus, because that’s the antonym of Exodus, and also sounds like “Pardon Us”, a very Canadian phrase.


I was interviewed by Kevin Michael Grace for Episode 51 of the Grace&Steel podcast. You can find that interview on their site, on SoundCloud, on YouTube, and on Vdare (which still blows my mind. That’s my face! On Vdare!)

On September 11th I joined The White Power Ranger, Donald Bateman, and Mr. Stone, on the Exodus Americanus podcast. [Update: Here’s a link to the episode, because SoundCloud took it down.)

I reappeared on Exodus Americanus on January 9th to talk about moose, Red Green, and why everything is Canada’s fault.

Due to weirdness with SoundCloud, this series is (so far) only one episode, but if you’re interested in Superman-as-memetic-ubermensch and other strange connections, Roscoe and I did an Ex/Am spin-off called The Fireside Chads.

It seems to have been wiped from the internet, but I did an episode of The American Volk. Whole lot of talk about guns and houseboats. (EDIT: Found it. Enjoy!)

Youtube Hangouts

I was a guest on Reactionary Ian’s Christian Hangout, Episode 11, along with Ian, Sam, Lue-Yee, Henry, and Shaun.

I also had a one line cameo on Episode 15, though I won’t tell you where because you should listen to the whole thing.

I was also on the epic eight hour Episode 28, from beginning to end, to make up for all the episodes I had to miss for reasons.

I was on Beardson Beardly’s Weekly Sweat, both for a regular episode and a super special apocalypse episode.

Other Stuff

Not really me per se, but I’ve been included twice as an Honourable Mention in Nick B. Steves‘ The Very Best of Last Week in Reaction, first for Inevitability, and second for The Abolition of Man by Machine.